I took some pictures at my friend’s engagement party this weekend and while editing them, decided to mess around with vignetting.  Seems to be “what’s hot in the streets” these days ha!  That and the “vintage effect”, but that will be for another day! This is what I did to this picture:

What I did was use photo shop and changed the color balances to give it a “cooler effect”.  Then I created the vignette using this tutorial  I used the rectangle selection tool to select the area I wanted to show, and right clicked and inverted the selection.  Then selected to feather, and chose 200 for a radius.  Then in the image adjustment, just used the different adjustments such as “exposure”, “brightness”, etc. to remove the color and image to what I wanted.  This was the resulting picture!

The final image

Congrats and thanks Shannon and Carmine!


One thought on “Vignetting!

  1. You need to enable some widgets on this here blog, lady! You have those other blogs like the beer one, so why not at least get a links section going and put your other sites? YOUR MARGINS ARE SO EMPTY AHHHHHHHHH

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