Luethold Family Fun On The Beach!

My friends Rena and Robbie and their two adorable kiddies, Ryleigh and Brendan, are such a beautiful and fun family! I had the honor of taking some family photos on the beach of them just being them = fun 🙂 It was such a beautiful day in early Oct. 2010 with a great sun setting created such great lighting. Can’t wait to do it again! ♥


The Diccions!

A little late, but this spring my nephew CJ had his first communion and we went to they Sayen Gardens in Mercer County, NJ after for some family time!  I took a bunch of pics of their family 🙂  My sister and her husband make some damn cute kids!

CJ the celebrant and middle kid

Matty creeping in the bushes... the youngest

Brianna, the lovely oldest sister. She has a lot of paitence!

Aileen and Ben, the 2 dorks with cute kids ha!