Jenny’s Birthday!

Last weekend my girlfriends and I celebrated my friend Jenny’s (J-Dizzle) birthday!  One of our girls, Danielle, bought her a beautiful boquet of sunflowers and I took a couple fun shots with Jenny with the flowers.  They came out really cute!

This was taken at night and I had my SB600 with me. I desaturated the color from Jenny but kept the color of the sunflowers to make them "pop"

More proof that having a camera on you all the time is great.  You never know when you might have a impromptu portrait shoot!




I took some pictures at my friend’s engagement party this weekend and while editing them, decided to mess around with vignetting.  Seems to be “what’s hot in the streets” these days ha!  That and the “vintage effect”, but that will be for another day! This is what I did to this picture:

What I did was use photo shop and changed the color balances to give it a “cooler effect”.  Then I created the vignette using this tutorial  I used the rectangle selection tool to select the area I wanted to show, and right clicked and inverted the selection.  Then selected to feather, and chose 200 for a radius.  Then in the image adjustment, just used the different adjustments such as “exposure”, “brightness”, etc. to remove the color and image to what I wanted.  This was the resulting picture!

The final image

Congrats and thanks Shannon and Carmine!

The Diccions!

A little late, but this spring my nephew CJ had his first communion and we went to they Sayen Gardens in Mercer County, NJ after for some family time!  I took a bunch of pics of their family 🙂  My sister and her husband make some damn cute kids!

CJ the celebrant and middle kid

Matty creeping in the bushes... the youngest

Brianna, the lovely oldest sister. She has a lot of paitence!

Aileen and Ben, the 2 dorks with cute kids ha!

New Photo/Beer Project! First Stop, Fun with Hop Sun!

I started a photo project involving two things I love, craft beer and photography!  This first beer is Southern Tier Hop Sun.  Such a great summer beer!  You can check out our review on it here: BeerThis!

I would prefer not to be a model in my own pictures for this, but for the first one I figured to try it out myself.  If you have any suggestions or would like to model let me know!  I will also try to shout out what beers we’re reviewing before I make the photo so if you have any ideas shout it out too!

Donuts and Moons

I was just piddling around on Friday and took some pictures of my lazy cat Donut.  He’s such a diva.

Then that night the moon was so big and clear so I braved the bear sighting warning and took a little late stroll to take some shots of it.  I was pretty cool looking!

Does anyone have any fun photo project ideas?  I’m jonsin to focus on one!